What is Gestational Diabetes?

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a condition when during pregnancy some of the women may experience increase in high blood glucose levels, which before pregnancy they didn’t have. When women develop diabetes for the first time during pregnancy, it is called as gestational diabetes.
Normally the glucose levels are maintained by the body as the glucose (sugar) is used for energy. Diabetes happens when the blood sugar is not effectively converted into energy and the content of glucose is too high in the blood stream.

Gestational Diabetes is normally a temporary condition that starts during pregnancy and post pregnancy the blood glucose levels are regulated and glucose level returns back to normal levels. For most women this is the case and for some of the women the chances of developing diabetes post pregnancy or in next 10 years is quite possible.


What causes Gestational Diabetes?

Normally, a hormone called insulin produced by human body helps glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream to move into the cells and convert to energy. During pregnancy the insulin levels in a pregnant women body can cause difficulties for glucose (sugar) generated by the meal to be absorbed into bloodstream and convert it into energy. Sometimes during pregnancy, the pregnant woman body is not able to create the needed insulin levels to keep the blood glucose level normal causing the sugar levels to be high in the blood stream which leads to gestational diabetes. As such this condition can happen any time during the pregnancy even though it is more common to see it during the second half of the pregnancy episode. Normally, about 5% of the pregnant woman experiences gestational diabetes condition. The numbers are rising each year based on the eating habits and lifestyle in pregnant woman.

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